Water, Soul and the aura underneath

Aayushi Vaish
3 min readMay 4, 2020

You didn’t come into this World. You came out of it,like a wave from the ocean. You are not a stranger here.

Many of us have a deep void inside us that keeps us disheartened, anxious, and ever searching.Have you ever wondered who you are, why are you here or whence you came? I think most of us can say that we have.

Humans have lost their ability to energetically communicate with their Soul Essence or Photon light and until we connect and communicate we will forever wonder looking for these answers of ourselves and the very world we live in.

Earth is a water planet and in order to communicate we first must communicate through and in the structures of water. Allowing for us to connect to form and flow in our body. In that connection we are able to communicate with our soul essence. With the knowing of who we are.

A drop of water, if it could write out its own history, would explain the universe to us.

Life and the Flow of Energy

Water is considered for life to exist as we know it, we are in fact made up of 70% of water. And the remaining 30% is what we call the body’s life-span.Till it attain 100% we have life. Bodies contains souls , the body ages but the soul is eternal. Time affects souls in only the matter of energy, the more a soul has spent time in the universe the more energetic it will be

The soul is basically intelligent light energy. Another way to put it, a soul is a special concentration of energy that is self aware, has consciousness, and knows that it is. The soul is not a life form and it is immortal (retains its self awareness, consciousness, memories, and experiences) from its point of creation on forward….. forever.

The relationship between water and soul is indeed a complex one. Water can actually act as a medium from which soul flows or rather the soul energy .

The energy flows through water and so through every living organism in the universe. Because of this flow, the water hereby remains the key element for life to exist.

Water is — in its purified form — Heaven on Earth. The water cycle cannot be owned, but it can be destroyed. It is the ultimate manifestation of why we must, as a human species, achieve conscious evolution, integral consciousness, and an active appreciation for clarity (the truth), diversity (the sources of multiple forms of truth), and integrity (the enabler of inter-faith and multi-cultural wisdom and tolerance).

Water gives life to everything, plants, animals everyone needs water to survive. In fact, life itself began in water and million years after it climbed to land.

In the Early Universe there must have been a channel through which the energy must have flowed and so was the earth part of that channel.


Every single drop of water on this planet was actually created millions years ago. Water act as a channel through which the soul energy flows. Water remembers Everything from deepest past to the farthest future.

The Soul energy which is eternal , shapeless , can only flow through certain mediums and water Indeed is primary one.

Water is the Soul of the Earth



Aayushi Vaish

An Explorer of the Infinite Multiverse . MS - Physics , Northeastern University.