Traveling in the influence of the Universe

Aayushi Vaish
4 min readMar 22, 2021


An experiment is a question that science poses to Nature, and a measurement is the recording of Nature’s answer.

Big Bang- Inflation

Is the Universe really static or is it in motion?

Since the existence of men, it is widely believed that we are in some sort of motion with respect to our galactic neighbors and so is everything else in the universe. So how can we be so sure about the state of the universe? It could also be in some sort of motion along with several parallel multiverses.

There is a possibility that we are actually stationary but the universe is passing through us, in simple words, it could also be like that the plane of existence is in motion and it makes us believe that we are non-stationary.

Existence of Multidimensional Universe

The existence of multiple dimensions has always been a matter of debate, there are multiple ideas about how the existence of dimensions is possible, dimensions can either be absolutely parallel to each other so that no dimension has any sort of influence on the other which is most likely the possible scenario. The other includes more complex physics and understanding for its possible existence but it’s the interesting one.

All the dimensions co-existing together but in different planes from each other yet having interlinked timelines and events. Let’s assume the universe is a closed sphere inside a “shell” that holds it still preventing it from expanding or collapsing. Before the big bang, the universe must have been filled with linear radiation and no mass, space was flat and time was zero (empty set). An initial big bang took place everywhere inside the shell having a purpose to curve flat space and to create mass and time. At the initial moment, mass got created along with all existing physical laws. Later on, stars and planets formed by gathering of mass, and then accumulated into galaxies which move randomly by curved trajectories. Inside the universe, there are no lines, and even light travels on long distances by curved trajectory. It cannot be an expansion of the universe since the “shell” doesn’t allow that to happen. The behavior of curved space at the subatomic level generated by the initial big bang is still happening today and this prevents all spheres of mass inside the universe from stop moving. The light coming from far distant galaxies is being curved by the behavior of space at the subatomic level at a constant linear rate with distance and time. If more time and space are given to a star, the light reaching us will shift to red even more, due to a much more curved trajectory.

Certain aspects of existing of Multi Dimensions.

Classical physics viewed space as a continuous phase with three dimensions, and time as a separate two-dimensional line that moves inexorably from the past to the present, and into the future. The Special Theory of Relativity showed that space and time are not separate entities. They are bound together into a four-dimensional space-time continuum (three space dimensions and one-time dimension). All movement takes place in this continuum. The shape of the space-time continuum is bent and distorted by the presence of matter, and according to Einstein it is these deformations that cause the “force” of gravity, bend beams of light, and deflect moving objects from straight-line trajectories. Then there lies a concept of multi-dimensions that are linking the Universes. According to the formation of a human sensation, all that we can imagine is certainly not just a thought but an interlink event happening in another universe in which we have a similar residing. The thoughts that we are receiving and are working according to it must have meaning and Science states that brain nerves do receive signals from unknown source radiation. There are many Universes that are linked to ours from undiscovered paths present on some coordinates of the universe. These paths are working as higher dimensions, the dimensions of teleporting signals to create events.

Why gravity bend space-time in a curve shape?

There are certain events happening in the universe. Ranging from red giants to supernovae all lie in the mirror interference. It must be possible that the shape is curved only not because of mass influence but due to the force of one supernova that happened at a certain coordinate in the Universe which is creating mirror images of its own in a circle and bending the certain coordinates in between those images by creating pressure and digging at a certain point, bending all the forces of the Universe.


In the glory of the Universe, there are many questions that are yet to be discovered. The fate of the Universe is under all these events which are rolling in and around us. Understanding the history of matter and searching for its most interesting forms, such as galaxies, stars, planets, and life, seems a suitable use for our intelligence.

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”



Aayushi Vaish

An Explorer of the Infinite Multiverse . MS - Physics , Northeastern University.