The Boon of Nature , possible cure for the COVID-19 pandemic

Copper , Silver and their Magnificent properties

The Silver Bullet

Antiviral property of the combination

Considering the fact that the major water purification technique used for virus removal is the addition of chlorine which produces harmful DBPs, we propose that the Ag+ + CO32− combination, in addition could also serve as an alternative to reduce pathogenic viruses by a safer method. Here, we tested the combination for antiviral property on MS2 phage. A sequential time interval study of 50 ppb Ag+ alone and a combination of 50 ppb Ag+ and 20 ppm CO32− was performed . We observed that while 50 ppb Ag+ alone (even after 1–2 h contact) was unable to affect the phage, the combination of 50 ppb Ag+ and 20 ppm CO32− was found to achieve effective antiviral property within a contact time of 15 min. Moreover, by this study, we proved that this combination can handle virus at concentrations likely in ground water (103 plaque forming units (PFU)/mL) but can also efficiently control comparatively higher concentrations (~106 PFU/mL) that can prevail in non-portable water.


Copper and Silver are being used since the ancient times and they are known to have more benefits than harm. Unlike, modern antibiotics we have in common practices. There could be more natural substances indeed and If we analyze the data from the recovered patients we can actually find the common denominator.



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Aayushi Vaish

Aayushi Vaish


An Explorer of the Infinite Multiverse . MS - Physics , Northeastern University.