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  • Joshua Bloom

    Joshua Bloom

    Astrophysics prof @UCBerkeley; Founding CEO of wise.io; Dad

  • Caryn Vainio

    Caryn Vainio

    Was in astrophysics, now a UX designer. Also a belly dancer, alpaca farmer, yarn spinner. See my work at http://www.carynvainio.com.

  • Sophia Aryan

    Sophia Aryan

    Former ballerina turned AI writer. Fan of sci-fi, astrophysics. Consciousness is the key. Founder of buZZrobot.com

  • Jovan Veljanoski

    Jovan Veljanoski

    Just another data scientist | PhD Astrophysics | co-founder of vaex.io | https://www.linkedin.com/in/jovanvel/

  • Lakshya Pratap Monga

    Lakshya Pratap Monga

    Physics Enthusiast. Making the incurious, curious!

  • Rohan Gharate

    Rohan Gharate

    I am a high school student and an excellent astrophysics enthusiast

  • Renée Hložek

    Renée Hložek

    South African cosmologist (and lover of loud karaoke) currently living in Canada, as a Senior TED Fellow and Professor of Astrophysics. Feminist scientist.

  • Raksita Rajagopal

    Raksita Rajagopal

    a teen trying to understand the secrets of our universe

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