All it takes some keen observations to understand the Obvious.

Aayushi Vaish
3 min readAug 15, 2020


The Universe is Full of Magic, Look and observe around you and you will find the Secrets, Secrets of Universe that links you to your existence.

The Universe is full of objects, objects which are magic indeed, for thousands of years we have been looking at them, some are naturally occurring, some are man-made. The Elements which shape the Universe, from Hydrogen to Oganesson (Yes! the 118th one). These elements and their compounds are the magical elixirs which fuel the Universe. Yes! literally. Coal is Carbon, which is used to light up our houses and factories, speaking of carbon we all are carbon-based life forms too, including all those species which can’t even read this.

Starting from the top Hydrogen, The Very first among all. If the big bang theory is true then for the very first billions of years Hydrogen was the only element present in the Infant Universe as it expanded, Only until the birth of the First Generation of stars.

The first generation of stars gave birth to Helium, The second element in the periodic table and both Hydrogen and Helium would have been the only two elements in the Universe for some more billions of years. only until the stars started to turn into super-giants, supernovas etc.

As the Universe further expanded, it got more cooled down allowing the heavier elements to exist in stable forms. Lithium, beryllium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen etc. Up to Iron.

The Very First Black Holes which are supposed to be the galactic centres of the present galaxies would have pretty much shaped the Universe as we see it now, the first generation black holes would have also given rise to further heavier elements like Silver and Gold and Yes!, to the First Living Organisms. In short, we might not be the only smart civilization but we might be one of the earliest of smart beings.

Dark Matter representation

The Truth is the more we learn, the more we realize that how less we know. For instance , 95% of the mass of our galaxy comes from Dark Matter and we don’t have any clue about what it is.


The Universe is full of mysteries and we have just begun to unravel the strings and I didn’t even mention any of the subatomic particles here, quarks, leptons, bosons. We think that these are the building blocks of the universe, of which You, I and even this Keyboard I am typing on are made up of.
Let’s leave that all for another day, another post.

We account for one-sixth of the forces of gravity we see in the universe. There is no known objects accounting for most of the effective gravity in the universe. Something is making stuff move that is not anything we have ever touched. — Neil deGrasse Tyson



Aayushi Vaish

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